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Going Japanese: Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen

Konichiwa! – Me trying hard to speak the language. 😀

My penchant for “discovering new” and love for food led me to scour the “best Ramen” in the area. I wasn’t into noodles until I tried ramen, for the very first time, early this year. My first ramen was in a weekend food market in Cebu, Sugbo Merkado which by the way is becoming popular recently because of its inexpensive and “that-local-experience” food. I had it for only 100 PhP! Isn’t that a treat?

So I went on and ate ramen some more – from Ramen Dojo, Ikkousha Ramen (which I’ll probably be sharing my thoughts about in another post) and the newly opened Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen in Ayala Center Cebu. Prior to its opening, buzz had it that it was one of the best ramen so I was thrilled to know if it’ll live up to the hype.

On my first visit, I ordered Tantan Men, reddish and chilli-filled soup containing noodles (*of course), minced pork and topped with bean sprouts and thinly sliced spring onions. When tasting ramen for the first time, I’d usually check the quality of the noodles because it’d normally gives the dish away. You could tell whether or not it’s a good ramen just by judging its noodles. I must say, it lives up to my expectation (noodles that good for its price deserves a nod, make that a double nod). The broth is equally as good, I’m not sure if it has coconut milk but it tastes like it. Whatever that ingredient is, it balances the taste of the dish.

Tantan Men (Spicy Ramen). PhP 290

My friend, on the other hand, had Noukou Kotteri – with broth boiled for 24 hours which gives the dish viscosity, chasu (cut of braised pork) that melts in your mouth (yes it is that tender). It is topped with seasoned egg, sliced spring onions, bean sprouts, and wakame, a Japanese seaweed. This particular ramen is said to be rich in collagen (as the menu suggests) and because of wakame, could also be rich in iodine and calcium. Now that doubles the goodness, good and healthy food. Yay!

Noukou Kotteri , PhP 320

On my second visit (and certainly not the last, because I’m obsessive like that), we tried their Takoyaki. I have yet to acquire the taste but if I am to describe the dish, I’d say it’s pretty appetizing with the right amount of tasty and tangy – from a Takoyaki-novice that is me.

Takoyaki, PhP 95 / 6 pieces

I’d rate my overall experience 4.5/5.

  • Food  – delish and certainly value for money
  • Customer Service – polite and courteous crew but they could improve on paying attention to their customers’ needs. The first time, we were not given a soup spoon and when we asked for water, they acknowledged but didn’t give us water so we had to get the spoon and the water from the buffet table ourselves (not really a bad thing but going extra wouldn’t hurt). The first time the food was served in 5 minutes, wheew that was quick. The second time though, we waited for more than 20 minutes but the TAT given to us was 20 (we had to follow up our orders twice). I’ll attribute this to the resto being fairly new so I’m taking no offense.

Overall, it was a delightful experience.


Sachi is located at the Garden Level of Ayala Center Cebu. 



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Señor Kimchi

A korean and mexican fusion – that’s relatively new to me. I imagined bulgogi and nachos, burritos and kimchi. Err – I’d no idea how it’d taste but I was curious to know. I’d tell you upfront I am not a food critic but I love love love food.

I have not heard of Señor Kimchi until I saw it on Facebook. A week after, I found myself heading to the resto (though I initially wanted to eat steak). I ordered a popular Korean dish, Bibimbap, with the expectation, there would be a twist in it (I was expecting the “fusion” to be in every dish.) When the food arrived, I was pleased with the presentation – just like how Bibimbap should be – it looked like a color wheel with thinly sliced carrots, turnip, beets, tomatoes, red onions, rice, beff, egg, & nori toppings & cabbage underneath.  The vegetables gave texture to the dish & the hot/spicy paste that tastes uniquely Korean gave it the boost of flavor, it was the real deal.

Price: PhP 289 – value for money considering how huge the serving is, it’s good for 2.

Rating: 4/5 – I was expecting a Mexican flavor/twist incorporated in the dish but that’s just me.

Delete Bibimbap.jpg

I also ordered Chimichanga, a known Mexican dish. Basically,it’s a deep-fried burrito – rice & beef wrapped in flour tortilla. The dish looks really pretty & delish & tastes just as delish! Again, I would not consider it a Korean-mexican fusion but I love the crisp & the cheesy flavor. Yum!

Price: PhP 280-290 (I can’t remember the exact figures :D)

Rating: 4/5


Ambiance: 4/5 – the place looks cozy but in my opinion does not imbibe a Korean-Mexican feels

Customer Service: 4/5  – members of the crew were attentive. food was delivered in less than 15 minutes. 🙂

Senor Kimchi is located at Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City & they’re open from 11AM-11PM.